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on 30 September 2018

A big thanks to everyone who attended our Our Voice18 All Candidates Meet and Greet and Mayoral Debate on October 3rd, 2018. 

Click here for the debate questions, in addition to questions submitted but not asked.

BurlingtonGreen has recently surveyed the Burlington 2018 municipal election mayoral and City Council candidates to elicit their positions on a number of key environmental and development issues in Burlington. We thank all those who participated.

We feel that most candidates have not clearly indicated that they recognize the critical and central challenge of climate change when discussing development, healthcare, transportation and an array of other topics that impact the quality of life for Burlingtonians. Climate action needs to be the pivotal focus of all aspects of municipal government. Time is running out, and in the absence of effective provincial leadership, municipal governments must do all they can to take up the slack in the short term, while lobbying the provincial and federal governments to support their efforts. If we approach tackling climate change as the single most important priority that should drive municipal decision-making, we can begin to make Burlington a truly carbon-neutral and desirable habitat in which residents can live, work and play, and in which our fellow species, of both the animal and plant kind, can thrive.

At no time in our history has the phrase “think global; act local” been more true. It is without question time to call upon those who seek municipal office to take up the challenge and develop a made-in-Burlington climate action strategy that will fulfill our city’s Blue Dot pledge and put Burlington on the map as a leader in tackling climate change – perhaps the most significant existential threat to our planet since the splitting of the atom.

Click here to read our full statement, and be sure to check out the candidate responses to the BurlingtonGreen Questionnaire below.

Please click below for the candidates responses to our questionnaire. The documents are presented as received.

Other Community Debates and Meetings:

ECOB is providing a fantastic opportunity for Burlington residents to engage with Ward Candidates through ward specific debates, in addition to hosting a debate for Mayoral Candidates. Click here for dates and locations of ECOB's debates.

The Burlington Chamber of Commerce is also hosting a Mayoral Candidates meeting on October 10, 2018. Click here for more details.

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