Category: News
on 28 November 2017

Save money.
Help the Planet.
   Make the Switch today!

Your day-to-day living choices impact the environment in a big way. Our “Make the Switch” program launched at a critical time in Ontario. Over the past two years, the Province has made a significant commitment to fight climate change. Ontario enshrined its carbon reduction targets into law, introduced a cap-and-trade carbon pricing system, and released an ambitious 5-year Climate Change Action Plan. The program is in its 6th month now, and it has been an exciting journey thus far.

“Make the Switch” has been engaging with the citizens of Burlington and spreading awareness about environmentally friendly alternatives in transportation and in-home heating, with an aim to increase climate change literacy, affect behavioral change and reduce GHG emissions. 

Click here to learn more the amazing incentives available NOW to help you make the switch!

The Make the Switch video series is here!

Click below to watch the first episode, where BG Intern Michelle talks to green home champion Jim Feilders about how heat pumps improve home efficiency: