Eco-hero: Vince Fiorito

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on 26 March 2017

vince1When one thinks of champions for the environment in Burlington, we are blessed with a few, but one name in particular jumps to mind – Vince Fiorito.

Many will know Vince through the Friends of Sheldon Creek Watershed stewardship group he founded in 2010.

In addition his many other environmental intiatives in the community, Vince has been a core BurlingtonGreen volunteer for several years, helping to lead cleanups and habitat restoration events, running a seed ball making activity for the kids at our 2016 Eco-Fair, and even donning a santa hat to help us with holiday eco-friendly gift wrapping at MEC.

vince seed ball 2016 ecofairIn 2016, for BG's Community Clean Up event, he co-ordinated over 10 clean-up groups along much of the length of Sheldon Creek, resulting in tonnes of trash removed and a creek that is much healthier for it today. He is also often seen volunteering with the local Field and Stream Rescue Team helping to haul tires, old washing machines, and everything including the kitchen sink, out of local ravines.

Vince is also very knowledgeable about native and invasive plant species, and is passionate about protecting biodiversity and natural habitat, which is crucial for the survival of all species, including us humans.

vince invasives2A Steward for every creek

Vince's vision is to have a stewardship leader for every creek in the city, to co-ordinate clean-ups, plant trees and remove invasive species. A few such groups have begun, but far from enough. If you would like to learn about being a steward for a section of creek near you, anywhere in the city, we're sure Vince would be glad to help you get started.

Thank you, Vince, for all you do to restore and protect our local environment, and to increase citizens' awareness and involvement. Your efforts inspire others.

Vince continues his clean up of Sheldon Creek on April 15, 2017. He will also be doing a tree planting in Sherwood Forest Park on April 22nd, alongside the City's tree planting event. Visit his Facebook page if you would like to help at either event.

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