10 Years of BG Advocacy Work

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on 01 June 2017


Did you know?

stat2017 advocacy2Since 2007, BG has advocated on more than 100 issues affecting our local environment -- primarily at the City level, but also to regional, provincial and federal governments.

The cornerstone of our advocacy program is our Greenprint for the Future program, established via a grant from MEC.  The 'Greenprint' addresses 5 key areas:

  • Preserve Greenspace
  • Protect Burlington's Trees
  • Plan Effective Transit
  • Save Farmland
  • Conserve Natural Habitat

You can read more on these issues on our Greenprint pages and complete a questionnaire and also submit your thoughts on any of these or other subject areas. Your opinion matters to us! Supportive feedback also helps us when we present (delegate) to City Council, to show that it's not just BurlingtonGreen talking, but that we are speaking on behalf of many concerned citizens.

GP4F roadshow 2015To this end, BurlingtonGreen undertook a 'roadshow' for our Greenprint program in 2015, hosting our outreach table at many local events, to get out and talk to the public and engage and inform them on the issues. We reached over 10,000 citizens through the initiative and received many comment cards with people's feedback on the issues. Of particular note was strong support for protection of the LaSalle Park Trumpeter Swans from the proposed marina expansion, as well as protecting Burlington's trees via a private property tree by-law.

We have also advocated on various issues relating to climate change, energy conservation (electric vehicles, heat pumps), and were instrumental in getting the City of Burlington to develop a Community Energy Plan. We have supported groups working to protect the Niagara Escarpment, rural Burlington greenspace, as well as addressing waste issues.

We have supported the Blue Dot movement (clean air & water, safe food, stable climate). We were very honoured to participate with Dr. Suzuki at a Queen's Park rally Oct. 2016, advocating to have Blue Dot environmental rights enshrined at the Ontario (and federal) level.

View our Advocacy Archives for a chronology
of submissions we've made on various issues since 2007.

View our Accomplishments page for more information on our advocacy work.

What you can do
  • qp w suzuki 10182016The first one's easy:  If you believe we should all have the right to clean air & water, safe food, and a stable climate, please show your support by signing Blue Dot here. 599 Burlingtonians have signed, but more support is needed to eventually enshrine these rights at the federal level.

  • Read our Greenprint for the Future position pages here and also fill out our brief survey at the bottom of that page to give your feedback on where you stand on the issues.

  • Keep informed on the issues: You can sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter here, if you don't receive already. Also, view links here to sign up for other environmental groups' newsletters and campaigns. Come out to our Eco-films events (5 each year), or check out Halton Green Screens' great line-up of films.

  • If you like researching issues, writing submissions, and even presenting to City Council, and have about 8-10 hrs per month to volunteer, please enquire with us about joining our Advocacy Team. More information here.
  • Get out to a rally or march the next time one is organized in your area. Democracy isn't a spectator sport, and with climate change and other pressing environmental issues, it is crucial that people from all walks of life get out and show their support for creating a healthier, more environmentally responsible world. We have a narrow window of opportunity to get this right. We'll aim to keep you informed of events coming up that we know of.