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on 26 February 2016


2016 CUGU logo April smlMake a difference. help the planet locally.

We extend a
to everyone who participated in last year's Clean Up Green Up events.

Let's make this year's events even

Litter Clean Up & Eco-Fair Celebration: Saturday, April 23, 2016

(Schools & businesses:  April 18 – 22)

Registration for Clean Up now closed.

2016 Green Up May

Green Up: Saturday, May 28, 2016

(Plantings, invasive species removal, shoreline clean up)

You can REGISTER further down the page, but please review all the information on this page first.
(Note: Clean Up event registration closes at noon on Friday, April 22, 2016.)


 2016 Clean Up Green UP & Eco-Fair Celebration

cugu corpus christiThis citywide event provides an important (and fun!) opportunity for citizens, schools, churches, businesses, neighbourhoods and community groups to come together to clean up and green up Burlington and help the planet locally. What a great and meaningful way to celebrate Earth Day 2016!

BurlingtonGreen in partnership with the City of Burlington  is pleased to be hosting this dual component event, providing YOU with an opportunity to get involved by cleaning up communities throughout the city during the week of April 18 to the 23rd and greening up Beachway Park on May 28th. To date, more than 55,000 participants have joined the collective effort resulting in cleaner parks, streams, school yards and neighbourhoods and Green Up event volunteers have improved local biodiversity by planting thousands of native shrubs, trees and plants along Burlington's waterfront, dune environment.

About the Clean Up

Schools and Businesses are invited to participate during the week of April 18 – 22, and EVERYONE is encouraged to participate on April 23rd from 9:00 am – noon.

All groups will be invited to snap a group photo on event day and send it to us so we can post it on our Green Wall of Fame webpage – we want to show off your team efforts!oc tanner cugu 
You can download our poster here to help us promote this great event.  A legal-sized poster with a blank section for you to record your own clean-up event details is also available here.

Showcase your Business: we want LOTS of Burlington companies to get involved! Register your business, receive free clean-up supplies and get your company listed and linked on our event website. You can learn more when you register.

About the Eco-Fair Celebration

eco fair childBurlingtonGreen will be hosting a fun-filled Eco-Celebration in partnership with Burlington Public Library at Burlington Central Library and bandshell area, on Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 11 am to 4 pm.

After a morning of hard work cleaning up our communities, what better way to complete the day than by joining in an Earth Day celebration to meet new friends, enjoy complimentary refreshments courtesy of Tim Hortons and a delicious BBQ courtesy of Turtle Jack's.  (Note: Complimentary BBQ tickets will be available for registrants and can be picked up at the Eco-Fair at the BBQ area on April 23rd. The general public attending the Eco-Fair Celebration can purchase veggie and non-veggie burgers, and drinks with proceeds to support the valuable work of BurlingtonGreen.)

Rain or shine, there will be fun activities for kids and a wide variety of eco-related information tables hosted by local organizations. Kids will also have the opportunity to make a FREE pledge button recognizing their efforts to clean up Burlington and can enjoy an indoor eco-movie as well. Local talent Bianca Bernardi will be sharing her beautiful music at the event and there will be free eco-prize raffle items to give away too!

List of Eco-Fair Celebration Exhibitors

Check out our growing list of Exhibitors that you can meet at the Eco-Fair Celebration at Burlington Central Library on April 23rd.

About the Green Up

beachway group 2015 smlWe are pleased to announce that we will also be hosting a Green Up event on the morning of Saturday, May 28, 2016, thanks to the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund. We will be returning to Beachway Park (map), Halton's only dune environment, to continue the important habitat restoration work undertaken by BG volunteers in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

This popular and fun event books up quickly, so if you are interested in helping us plant native trees, plants, and removing invasive species to help restore this ecologically significant area, please reserve your spot at the link near the bottom of this page. This event is open to 100 volunteers. You can view pictures and details of past events here.

Together, we make a BIG difference!

 More Details

More information on the Clean Up & Eco-Fair Celebration is provided in the sections below for you to review before registering at the bottom of the page.


How to Participate

Are you excited to get involved? It’s easy to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. Organize a group (friends, neighbourhood, school, business, church group etc.) and choose an area in Burlington that you think could use a litter clean-up (park, schoolyard, around your business or church, or a field or greenspace area). For safety, please avoid working near roadways or within parking lots. (Note: if you are an individual who wants to participate and doesn't have a group to join, please click here.)

    Also, if you will require the City to pick up your collected garbage, please make note of where you will gather it, as this information will be required during registration. (Note: the City will only collect garbage cleaned up from City property. Your pile must be located within 3m of a road or parking lot for easy access by City crews. The City will NOT pick up collected waste from school or business properties. These collections must be directed to their own waste pick-ups.)

  2. Review the event details and tips (on this page and our tips sheet HERE) and review the event "Informed Consent to Participate Waiver" HERE with ALL of your group members.

  3. Register your group (at bottom of page).

  4. Pick up your FREE clean-up supplies (bags, gloves) if you need them, from one of the supply depots listed below (April 12 - 22; must reserve during registration).  (We recommend encouraging people to bring their own reusable gloves to cut down on waste.)

  5. Communicate event day details to your group members (eg. meeting time and place, what to bring such as a reusable water bottle, snack, hat, sunscreen, and suitable footwear). Please help to make this event green by discouraging the use of bottled water. Suggest tap water and supply a refill jug for people's reusable bottles.
  6. Clean up your chosen location on the morning of Saturday, April 23rd. Be sure to review any relevant safety tips with your group prior to starting your clean up. Groups typically work from 9am - noon. (Schools and business may do their clean up during the week, from April 18 – 22.)   When finished, be sure to take a photo of your group next to the garbage you collected ("before" photos of your clean-up area are also a good idea). Please also count the number of bags of garbage and recyclables collected, plus other debris such as tires, for the event records.

  7. Attend the thank you Eco-Fair celebration at Burlington Central Library and Bandshell area on April 23rd. RSVP your attendance when you register.

  8. Send in your results. Please send us your clean-up team group photo and the amount of litter and recyclables you collected. All registered groups will receive an email with details on where to send your photo and collection information. Schools sending in their clean-up group photo will be entered into a free draw for a chance to win 1 prize of $200 cash to be put toward an eco-action project at their school!

 ...and take pride in knowing you did your part to help create a cleaner, more beautiful Burlington!


Supply Depot Locations

Your group can pick up free clean-up supplies (bags and gloves) and our helpful "Clean-up Tips" handout sheet at one of our designated community supply depots from April 12 – 22. Please note, you may only pick up from a supply depot AFTER you have completed your online registration on our website.

Supply depot locations (MEC, City Hall, Haber Recreation Centre)

  • MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op):  1030 Brant Street, at customer service counter.  Telephone: 905-333-8559.  (map)
    Store Hours:
       Monday to Wednesday: 10 am – 7 pm
       Thursday & Friday: 10 am – 9 pm
       Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
       Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

  • City Hall:  426 Brant Street, at Information Desk in lobby.  Telephone: 905-335-7600 ext. 7898 or 905-335-7803 direct.  (map)
    Customer Service Hours:
       Monday to Friday: 9 am – 4 pm  (Note: please arrive by 3:45 pm, as service hours end at 4 pm.)
       Closed weekends & holidays

  • Haber Recreation Centre:  At service counter, 3040 Tim Dobbie Drive (off Dundas St. between Walkers & Appleby).  Telephone: 905-335-7748.  (map)
    Customer Service Hours:
       Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am – 8:30 pm
       Friday: 8:30 am – 6 pm
       Saturday & Sunday: 9 am – 4 pm


Suggested Litter Hotspots

Looking for a location that your group can clean up? Below are some suggestions:

"Litter hotspots"

  • Vince of Friends of Sheldon Creek Watershed has identified 4 litter hotspots along Sheldon Creek in the area between Appleby & Burloak, and Mainway & Upper Middle. If you are interested in leading a clean-up in this area, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly to make plans. You can view the specific locations on his Facebook events page. You can then come back and register your group and location at the bottom of this page.
  • Centennial Bikeway from Seneca St. to Longmoor (pick a section not yet registered for a clean up).
  • Perimeter of Central Park plus wooded area by creek in northeast corner, where exits out to Guelph line.
  • Fields, wooded areas, or creeks next to plazas are often litter hotspots.
  • Check any park in the City to see if a clean-up is needed.


Groups & Locations Registered So Far

You can view a listing below of groups that have already registered, as well as their chosen clean-up locations, arranged by City Ward number (updated daily).

Open Group: If you are an individual who wants to participate in the Clean Up but you don't have a group to join, consider contacting Vince of Friends of Sheldon Creek directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view join his group and help clean up around Sheldon Creek in the Sherwood Forest Park area on April 23rd (please make sure you have read our event tips sheet and waiver first). You can view his Facebook event pages here and here.

Ward 1

  • Fellowship Church – registered for the May Green Up event
  • City of Burlington Sustainable Development Committee – NW corner of Plains Rd. East and Francis Road (will clean the sides of the creek). Near the Francis Road entrance to the Fortino's/IKEA.
  • Green Heroes - Mia's Bday – Hidden Valley area.
  • Recycling Revisited – LaSalle Park
  • Alice+1 – LaSalle Park
  • Range Burlington – King Road from the North Service to the escarpment. North Service Road & King Road area, Bayview Park area.
  • Glenview Public School – School grounds and St. Matthew's Church
  • Team Worobec – The sheltered "lagoon" area of Lake Ontario, on the Southeast corner of Lakeshore Road and Beach Boulevard.
  • Field and Stream Rescue Team – Greenwood Drive and Greenwood Place intersection
  • King's Road Public School – Greenwood walkway near King's Road school
  • Burlington Federal Liberal Association – Maple Park on Maple Ave., south of Mapleview Mall
  • ECO Studies Class of 2014 – Aldershot High School, ravine, and surrounding neighbourhood
  • Yo Go Garbagio – Burlington Beach (by Beachway Park)
  • Taylor – Registered for the May Green Up event
  • Maplehurst Public School – School grounds, surrounding neighbourhood, Maplehurst Park
  • Fern Hill School – School grounds
  • The Boal Family – Beachway Park
  • The Boal Family – Registered for the May Green Up event
  • Liddell Family – Beachway Park
  • Friends of Kerncliff Park - Kerncliff Park

Ward 2

  • Tom Thomson Public School – School grounds, Optimist Park, and Rambo Creek.
  • Blyth Academy Burlington – Village Square (between Elizabeth & Pearl St; between New and Caroline St).
  • Nelson Co-op – 1026 Glendor Ave., and Leighland Park
  • Seneca Ave. Residents – Centennial bike path (Seneca to Martha)
  • Burlington Hyundai – Rambo Creek at Plains Rd. and Brant St.
  • Residents of the Maplehood – Meet at Thorpe Park. Litter hotspot: Fairview & Maple
  • Yellow Robot Marketing – Spencer Smith Park
  • St. John Catholic School – School and church grounds
  • The Unicorns – Registered for the May Green Up event
  • Central Public School – School grounds, Brant street fence along school grounds, Wellington Park
  • The Neeson Clan – Hydro right-of-way by Ontario street between Brock and Hurd heading down towards the Art Gallery.
  • Residents by the Hydro Corridor – Hydro Corridor between Ontario Street and Caroline Street.
  • KMoore – Fairview Street and Brant Street

Ward 3

  • Kilbride Public School – School grounds.
  • Brant Hills Public School – School grounds, plus surrounding city park areas.
  • Rolling Meadows Public School – School grounds, plus neighbouring forest and Church property.
  • Glad Tidings Church – Guelph Line Hydro fields and area.
  • Bruce T. Lindley Public School – School grounds and Kinsmen Park, Cavendish Dr. and Coventry Way
  • St. Gabriel School – School grounds
  • M. M. Robinson High School – School grounds
  • Clarksdale Public School – School grounds
  • Grochmal Family – Colling Road from Guelph line to Blind Line
  • THE THREE SISTERS – Southwest corner of Brant St. and Ester Dr.
  • Kyla and Co. – Duncaster Park as well as the fringe of Rambo Creek at Upper Middle Rd.

Ward 4

  • Frensch & Watt families – Nelson Dirt Jumps, surrounding parklands, ravine & skateboard park.
  • Pauline Johnson Public School – School grounds, plus bike path east of Longmoor Dr.
  • Halton Mosque – Fairview and Appleby area
  • St. Raphael Elementary School – School playgrounds
  • Kids Naturally magazine – Shoreacres neighbourhood and park
  • John T. Tuck Public School – School grounds and Tuck park
  • Dr. Charles Best Public School – School grounds; Sycamore Park; Neighbourhood inside Palmer Dr., Centennial Dr. and Majestic Dr.
  • Glad Tidings Church – Guelph Line Hydro fields and area.
  • St. Paul School – School grounds and neighbouring parkland.
  • Lester B. Pearson High School – School grounds and ravine beside school
  • Ginnan family – Spruce Ave. from Camelot to Shoreacres; Shoreacres Rd from Spruce to Lakeshore; & Paletta Lakefront Park area.
  • BWRSL – General Brock Park - Gary Allen Site
  • Halton Regional Police Service & Walkers Landing Homework Club – Walkers Line North of New St.
  • Bentall Kennedy (Team Gray) – Around business grounds & hydro-corridors. Harvester Rd & Laurentian Dr. / Cumberland Ave.
  • Bentall Kennedy (Team Blue) – Around business grounds & hydro-corridors.
  • Bentall Kennedy (Team Green) – Vacant lands near Harvester & Guelph line.  South Service Rd corridor near ramp to QEW.
  • NBBC Youth – Lansdown Park
  • Team Adi – Registered for the May Green Up event.
  • 1st Burlington Guides – Shoreacres Creek in Nelson Park
  • Mighty Walkers – Tuck Creek
  • Archibald Family – Strathcona Park
  • Gary Allan HS - STEP Program – School grounds & Roseland Creek
  • Healthy Kids Community Challenge (Team Wagner) – Ryerson Park
  • Widex Canada Ltd. – Around office and the public space nearby.
  • UPS Friends & Family – Walkway/Forested park area across the street from 4156 Mainway
  • Helping Hands – Prospect walkway area, across from Canadian Tire. (Bike Path from Woodward to Prospect, and boulevard on Prospect)

Ward 5

  • Burlington Alliance Church – Bike/Walk Path off Appleby Line just south of Fairview Street going East.
  • Friends of Sheldon Creek – Sherwood Forest Park from Fairview Street to Fothergill Blvd.  Open group; see link above to join.
  • Orchard Park Public School – Pathfinder Park, Orchard Park PS school yard, Dryden Avenue between Shadetree and Blue Spruce.
  • St. Christopher Elementary School – School yard, plus adjacent park and baseball diamond
  • John William Boich Public School – School grounds, as well as locations in the Orchard community close to the school.
  • Orchard Residents – Ravine near Sutton and Upper Middle - behind Coldwater
  • Eco Waste Solutions – Sherwood Forest Park
  • Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School – School grounds and neighbouring creek on school side.
  • Halton Waldorf School – School grounds; green space around school and around pond at west end of Duchess CT; Brada Woods Park and surrounding green space; forest walking trail including Parkette at north end of Quinte St.; south along Orchard Rd including walking trail south to Upper Middle (and around pond).
  • Alexander's Public School – School grounds, ravine behind school and neighbouring streets.
  • St. Elizabeth Seton School – School grounds
  • Burlington Conservative and Progressive Conservative Associations – Appleby Line, south of the Q.E.W., near the Esso Station.
  • Orchard Residents Oak Grove Place – Orchard Woodlot, north east of Appleby Line and Upper Middle. Hot spot in Orchard woodlot is over the road from McDonalds, accessed from Appleby Line.
  • Healthy Kids Community Challenge – Pineland Park, Pineland school grounds, Bromley Park, Mohawk Park & Mohawk Gardens School, Skyway Park, Burloak Waterfront Park (also Ryerson School).
  • Halton Regional Police Service & residents of Burloak site – Burloak Dr. south of New St.
  • Cogeco – Section of Sheldon Creek (meeting at parking lot of the International Boiler Makers at 1035 Sutton to work our way upstream).
  • Bridle Wood Residents Who Care – Along Appleby Creek between Bridle Wood and Sheraton Rd., to Pinedale Ave.
  • Spruce Sheldon – Sheldon Creek at Spruce Ave.
  • Keisha Black Attack! – Park @ New St & Burloak

Ward 6

  • Alton Village – 1) Rotary Way near Dundas-pond & ravine area 2) Rotary Way & Thomas Alton -ravine area 3) Cornerstone & Ferguson Dr
  • Alton Village East – Valera Road, pond, creek & public pathway
  • St. Timothy Elementary School – School grounds and part of Ireland Park (the area around the school)
  • Dr. Frank J Hayden Secondary School – School grounds, Haber Recreation Area and Norton Park
  • Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School – School grounds and part of Ireland Park
  • Halton Regional Police Service & Chill Zone team – Walkers Line & Upper Middle area


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REGISTER for the Clean Up event

If you have carefully reviewed all of the event details including the participation waiver, you can now REGISTER your group, school or business!

Note: When registering you will be asked to let us know your group size, clean-up location and its Ward number.

Register your Group      

Register Your School    

Register Your Business


REGISTER for the Green Up event, May 28th

You can reserve your spot for the Beachway Park Green Up habitat restoration event here:

Register for The Green Up Event



 Questions or Comments?

If you have any inquiries not addressed in the information above OR on the community group, school or business or green-up registration pages, please email us with your inquiry.


  • St. Christopher Elementary School – School yard, plus adjacent park and baseball diamond