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Take the Challenge!
"Restore and Rebuild" this September.


This coming Fall, BurlingtonGreen is all about restoring habitats and building alternatives - Take the September Challenge: come out to the next 3 BuringtonGreen events!

Come out to all three events and receive a restoring habitats eco-gift. Smaller gifts will be given if you are able to come to our invasives workshop (Sept 29) plus one other event. 

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Click on the sliders below to learn more about each event!

Questions? Contact us here.

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At BurlingtonGreen, we want YOU to have your say when it comes to important environmental issues in Burlington. We are always seeking support for a number of different advocacy initiatives, which is why we have created this page to act as a 'one-stop' for all up-to-date advocacy-related information and calls to action to help you get involved and stay informed.

Here are some of the issues we are working on.....

1. Mark the Date! Municipal Election All-Candidates Event on October 3, 2018OurVoice18 logoBurlingtonGreen is pleased to be hosting an All-Candidates Event and Mayoral Candidates Debate in partnership with Nuvo Network ahead of the Municipal Election. The event will be held on Event Wednesday, October 3, 2018 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Nuvo Network, located at 1295 North Service Road, Burlington.

The format of the event is a Mayoral Candidates Debate with an opportunity for the balance of ward candidates to engage and interact with the crowd before the debate takes place. More information will be coming soon. Click here for a list of Municipal Election Candidates and here for a list of Regional Chair Candidates.

2. Moving Canada Towards Zero Waste: BurlingtonGreen Youth Leadership Council shares their voice with the Federal Government
plastic pollutionBurlingtonGreen’s Youth Leadership Council participated in Environment and Climate Change Canada’s public consultation on Moving Canada Towards Zero Waste. The Federal government is seeking answers to keyquestions surrounding plastic pollution and marine litter, including what are the most important issues related to these issues. What do we need to do in order to achieve zero plastic waste across Canada and to prevent plastics from entering the environment? Who needs to be involved in the process of achieving zero plastic waste?

We are encouraged by the Federal government’s initiative to address this escalating environmental crisis and look forward to working with all levels of government, as well as key stakeholders in the community, to address this issue. Click here to read the Youth Leadership Council’s full letter.

Call to Action! Submit YOUR input to the public consultation on Moving Canada Towards Zero Waste. What are your thoughts and ideas on eliminating plastic pollution and marine litter? Click here to participate.

3. Missed Opportunity for Canadians Right to a Healthy Environmentblue dot
In June, the Federal government released a response to recommendations made by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development to modernize the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). The CEPA is Canada’s primary law on pollution and toxics. Among those recommendations is recognizing Canadians’ legal right to a healthy environment. The Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change is committing to undertake further engagement on this issue during the next two years, but has made no commitments beyond that.

This is a missed opportunity to join the more than 150 countries that recognize environmental rights, and the large public support for the right in Canada. We will be following this issue closely and offering our input through the public consultation process.

Call to Action! Contact your MP and voice your concerns about the government’s decision to postpone action to fix CEPA and recognize environmental rights for all Canadians.

4. Help preserve green space in Burlington! Sign the petition.Green space poster image
We are closely following the Waterfront Hotel redevelopment, advocating for redevelopment that incorporates sustainable design principles, ensuring that surrounding eco-systems are not threatened. A Burlington citizens’ group called Plan B has formed to not only voice its concerns over the redevelopment, but to also share its vision for an alternative proposal.

If there is a local environmental issue that concerns you that requires immediate attention, please let us know. Or, if you are someone with an interest in environmental issues who likes to follow local politics, we can use your help and invite you to learn more about our volunteer Advocacy Team here.

Learn more about our advocacy program by visiting our Greenprint for the Future and Advocacy pages.

Together we make a difference for a more sustainable future.

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"Democracy is not just voting for your leaders; it's really premised upon ordinary citizens understanding the issues."

~ Howard Rheingold ~

We need commitments from future leaders to ensure our shared environment is protected for generations to come.

Municipal/Regional Election - October 22, 2018

List of Municipal Election Candidates is available here
List of Regional Chair Candidates is available here

Mark the Date!

BurlingtonGreen is teaming up with Nuvo Network to host a 2018 Burlington All Candidates Event on October 3rd. This is your chance to ask the candidates about what's important to you. 

The format is a Mayoral Candidates Debate with the balance of ward candidates able to engage and interact with the crowd before the debate takes place.

We'll be posting more information about this great opportunity in August.

Provincial Election - June 7, 2018

List of Provincial Election Candidates is available here


The candidates responses are in! Please read on to see how the candidates responsed.

Below is a list of the questions BurlingtonGreen has asked of the PROVINCIAL election candidates. Note: the question list is not exhaustive but is considered a sampling of timely questions, many of which pertain to BurlingtonGreen's Strategic Priorities.


 2. Will you support lowering GHG emissions through higher adoption of electric vehicles? 3. Will you support and work to expand Ontario’s current electric vehicles chargers infrastructure? 4. Will you support the Province's electric vehicle purchase incentive program? 5. Will you support a mandate to the auto industry similar to what Quebec has in place to spur the supply of zero-emission vehicles and low-emission vehicles in Ontario? 6. Will you support investing in transit to reduce congestion versus building new highways that contribute to the problem? 7. Will you support the advancement of a forest carbon strategy to protect Ontario’s forests such as outlined in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s discussion paper and British Columbia’s Forest Carbon Strategy? 8. Will you work to further reform the Aggregate Resource Act, so that it aligns with Ontario’s climate change priorities to ensure the protection of existing greenspace, wetlands and farmland? 9. Will you support the current permanent protection provided by the Greenbelt? 10. Will you support expansion of the Greenbelt? 11. Will you work to strengthen Producer Responsibility in Ontario? 12. Will you take action to ban the sale and distribution of plastic bags and straws in Ontario? 13. Will you support phasing out water taking permits for bottling in Ontario? 14. Will you support the elimination of single-use bottled water sales in Ontario?