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"Democracy is not just voting for your leaders; it's really premised upon ordinary citizens understanding the issues."

~ Howard Rheingold ~

vote.banneWe need commitments from future leaders to ensure our shared environment is protected for generations to come.

Provincial Election - June 7, 2018

List of Provincial Election Candidates is available here


The candidates responses are in! Please read on to see how the candidates responsed.

Below is a list of the questions BurlingtonGreen has asked of the PROVINCIAL election candidates. Note: the question list is not exhaustive but is considered a sampling of timely questions, many of which pertain to BurlingtonGreen's Strategic Priorities.


1. Will you support and work to expand the Province’s current Cap and Trade system?  2. Will you support lowering GHG emissions through higher adoption of electric vehicles? 3. Will you support and work to expand Ontario’s current electric vehicles chargers infrastructure? 4. Will you support the Province's electric vehicle purchase incentive program? 5. Will you support a mandate to the auto industry similar to what Quebec has in place to spur the supply of zero-emission vehicles and low-emission vehicles in Ontario? 6. Will you support investing in transit to reduce congestion versus building new highways that contribute to the problem? 7. Will you support the advancement of a forest carbon strategy to protect Ontario’s forests such as outlined in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s discussion paper and British Columbia’s Forest Carbon Strategy? 8. Will you work to further reform the Aggregate Resource Act, so that it aligns with Ontario’s climate change priorities to ensure the protection of existing greenspace, wetlands and farmland? 9. Will you support the current permanent protection provided by the Greenbelt? 10. Will you support expansion of the Greenbelt? 11. Will you work to strengthen Producer Responsibility in Ontario? 12. Will you take action to ban the sale and distribution of plastic bags and straws in Ontario? 13. Will you support phasing out water taking permits for bottling in Ontario? 14. Will you support the elimination of single-use bottled water sales in Ontario?

Municipal/Regional Election - October 22, 2018

 List of Municipal Election Candidates is available here
 List of Regional Chair Candidates is available here

Questions for the Municipal Election Candidates will be posted here in September, 2018 


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BG Eco-Heroes Program

For Grade 7/8 Students and Youth Groups Age 12-14EcoHeroesBGBGBG
The BG Eco-Heroes Program engages and empowers youth about important, locally focused environmental issues, with the added benefit of linking them to related volunteer opportunities where they can demonstrate positive, solution-focused action. The FREE 45 minute presentation will focus on the topics of either zero waste or the importance of healthy natural habitats and how youth can create immediate change in their homes, schools and communities, while gaining valuable life and professional skills by participating in local stewardship activities such as tree planting, litter collections and waste sorting.

The goal is to empower students to be eco-heroes in school, at home and in their communities!

Are you interested in bringing more environmental awareness into your classroom or youth group? We are looking for classes to pilot this new presentation this June. Sign up today!

Teacher Workshop
Sign Up for our Fall 2018 Teacher Workshop (Eco-Teacher Jam Session) to lend your voice to assessing and developing this program, learn about some current topics in the environmental movement and join a brainstorming session to share ideas with other teachers who are leading environmental initiatives at their schools.

Any questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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At BurlingtonGreen, we want YOU to have your say when it comes to important environmental issues in Burlington. We are always seeking support for a number of different advocacy initiatives, which is why we have created this page to act as a 'one-stop' for all up-to-date advocacy-related information and calls to action to help you get involved and stay informed.

Here are some of the issues we are working on.....


1. Positive News for Tree Protection 
On June 4th, the majority of Council voted in favour of a two-year pilot Private Tree By-law for the Roseland Community to be implemented on November 1, 2018. The City will also undertake community consultation regarding a potential City-wide By-law. BurlingtonGreen Advocacy team member Jane Jenner delegated at the Council meeting and stressed the need for tree protection across the City. Click here to read the delegation.

2. Trumpeter Swans Still Under Threat
We are disappointed with Council’s recent approval of funding for the design and build of a new floating wave break at LaSalle Park Marina. The location is the wintering ground for 200 Trumpeter Swans (1/4 of the Provincial population). Council voted to establish Stakeholder Advisory Committee and will consider an ongoing monitoring and mitigation plan. Click here to read the delegation by BurlingtonGreen’s Board President on the issue from May 10th and here for more information.

3. Every Canadian deserves the right to a healthy environment.
Learn more about how the Blue Dot movement is shaping the way Canadians think about environmental rights, and sign the pledge today, asking all levels of government to recognize our right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food.

4. Help preserve green space in Burlington! Sign the petition.Green space poster image
We are closely following the Waterfront Hotel redevelopment, advocating for redevelopment that incorporates sustainable design principles, ensuring that surrounding eco-systems are not threatened. A Burlington citizens’ group called Plan B has formed to not only voice its concerns over the redevelopment, but to also share its vision for an alternative proposal.

5. Have Your Say! Moving Canada Toward Zero Plastic Waste. 
Share your ideas about how Canada can reduce plastic waste and marine litter, and help develop a federal-provincial-territorial approach to keep plastic within the economy and out of landfills and the environment. Provide your and participate in the public consultation.

If there is a local environmental issue that concerns you that requires immediate attention, please let us know. Or, if you are someone with an interest in environmental issues who likes to follow local politics, we can use your help and invite you to learn more about our volunteer Advocacy Team here.

Learn more about our advocacy program by visiting our Greenprint for the Future and Advocacy pages.

Together we make a difference for a more sustainable future.