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Save Farmland

Save farmlandFood And Water First

The City of Burlington must support a Food & Water First policy to stop development on prime farmland and protect our vital agriculture sector.

Food & Water First is a movement dedicated to protecting Ontario's Class 1 farmland and source water regions. "We are rural and urban citizens who understand that our province's rare agricultural soils and water resources provide us with a great bounty that must be preserved. We encourage the Ontario government to adopt a Food & Water First policy so our vital agricultural sector and source water regions are given priority in land-use planning."

Farmland is disappearing:

  • Farmland and water sources are non-renewable – we cannot make more.
  • Only 5% of Ontario land – most of it a within a few hours’ drive – is suitable for agriculture.
  • Every day, prime agricultural land at our back door is lost to industrial, commercial, and housing development: some 260,000 hectares of Ontario farmland gone in just one five-year period.

Did you know we have already lost enough Ontario farmland to feed the entire population of Toronto?

At the current rate of prime land loss, we won’t have enough farms left to meet our current food demands – and the Ontario population is expected to grow by 30% in the next 25 years. That’s hundreds of thousands of fewer hectares of farmland trying to feed millions more people.

The drive for new housing developments should not trump the basic need to protect our food supply.

Protect our food, water, and economy

Quote: try counting your money while holding breathThis is not simply a green space versus development issue. Food is a vital need, and its production is a growing part of our economy. Ontario’s agri-food sector is the largest in Canada, employs more than 700,000 people, and generates $34 billion annually. The Ontario government will be reviewing existing land conservation strategies for our area in 2015.

Municipal policies have a huge impact on zoning and protecting local land.
Toronto is a Food and Water First city! Burlington needs to take similar action.
A strategic plan that protects our area’s farmland will help ensure a strong economy and a safe, local, healthy, and affordable food supply.

Protect Your Own Farmland Forever 

If you or someone you know owns farmland, please learn about stewardship and conservancy options. The Ontario Farmland Trust will accept donations of land or work with landowners to register a farmland easement agreement on their land, in whole or in part, to guarantee that it will be protected for future generations of farmers. Tax deductions are available.

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