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Council majority not on for tree protection - Protect Burlington's Trees Further Informtion

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You can review two reports on this issue via a staff report here and Councillor Meed-Ward's proposal here.

We CAN'T give up on protecting Burlington's trees, especially given that our current canopy coverage is lower than the 30 to 50% minimum requirement to support a sustainable environment (Environment Canada).

YOU can help by sharing your viewpoint on local tree protection with our City's leaders. We hope you will help strengthen our voice calling for the establishment of a practical, effective private tree bylaw for Burlington – one that provides reasonable allowances for homeowners while protecting the trees from being unnecessarily being cut down...and lost forever.

Have your say! BurlingtonGreen needs your voice in the discussion.

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If you see a tree(s) being cut down in Burlington, snap a photo and send it to us,
indicating the specific location if you can ("before & after" shots are especially helpful).

More Information, Background, & Actions:
  • You can view the July 8, 2013 meeting webcast here.
  • Failed Democracy at City Hall on Private Tree By-law Issue media release here.
  • Colin Brock (BurlingtonGreen Director) went back to delegate to Council on July 15, 2013, to address Council's questions and concerns raised on July 8th. You can view the meeting webcast here.
  • Unfortunately the majority of Council continues to be opposed to exploring how a practical, effective private tree bylaw could benefit the citizens of Burlington and our city's valuable tree canopy. BurlingtonGreen letter to Council, July 17, 2013 here.
  • BurlingtonGreen continued to reach out to our city's leaders and contacted each Councillor asking if they could kindly share what their specific concerns and outstanding questions were so we could work to address them. As of Sept 9, 2013, we were only able to realize meetings to discuss this important issue with 2 of the 7 members of Council:  Mayor Goldring and Councillor Meed-Ward.

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What would a private property tree by-law look like in Burlington? What could we expect?
You will find the City of Toronto and Town of Oakville's FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on this topic quite helpful. Check them out here: Oakville FAQs & Toronto FAQs

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Thank you to all who participated in our first "Celebrate Burlington's Trees" contest!