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Preserve Green Space

Preserve green space imagePreservation of green space needs to be part of the long-term official plan for the City of Burlington. We need a comprehensive green space inventory and acquisition plan so officials can make informed decisions about protecting natural areas and parklands before they are threatened.

Unchecked development threatens green space

Green space provides a multitude of social, economic and environmental benefits contributing to a quality of life we can all enjoy. Hundreds of acres of land are currently under application to build everything from housing communities to 20-story high-rises, commercial properties, and industrial areas.

Proposed development areas include lakeshore views, agricultural land, and untouched natural habitats. The public is often unaware of a planned development until well into the planning process and then has to scramble to get their voice heard.

Planning saves time, money, the environment

Our responsibility to protect environmnet -- Dalai LamaWe need to know what green space exists and who owns it so we can plan to prioritize and protect it. Understanding our natural resources and having a plan for how to use them helps avoid costly legal challenges and rushed campaigns to protect backyards, treasured hiking trails, and the natural areas that make Burlington a top city to call home.

NOW is the time to ensure we preserve the green space we have left.

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