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Plan Effective Transit

Transit poster imageTime to Think Outside the Car

The City of Burlington needs to integrate effective, sustainable transportation opportunities into all key planning policies to create a healthier environment and quality of life for the citizens of Burlington.

‘Getting there’ should work for everyone – including the environment.

Burlington has the highest per capita car ownership rate in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Even with congestion, increased commute times, residential parking challenges, and programs to promote active transportation, we still choose our vehicles for even the shortest trips.

Why? In part, because our city was designed that way. Development is still centred on 'The Car' for access, impact, and planning.

It’s time to think outside the car. Changing transportation habits is going to take more than awareness. Transit has to make sense for how people get to where they need to go.

Flip the planning process

Put effective transportation first

Transit quoteBurlington is currently preparing its Transportation Master Plan that will outline our city’s approach to transportation for the next 15 years. We need to ensure effective, sustainable transportation is fully integrated into the plan, and is funded, implemented and measured.

Read the City document about the current state of transportation in Burlington here.

City officials are asking people to choose alternative transportation for 1 in 5 trips yet they continue to approve development plans for new subdivisions that are designed around car ownership. Taking individual responsibility for our environmental choices is important – but failure to plan for sustainability stacks the deck against success.

The time to plan growth – based on services within walking distance, bike lanes, pedestrian paths, and public transit – is BEFORE the shovels go in the ground.

An effective transportation plan must also be fully integrated into the overall City Official Plan so that development in Burlington is designed with a sustainable transit focus.


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