November 13, 2021
Start Time: 9 : 00 AM
End Date: November 13, 2021
End Time: 2 : 00 PM

On Saturday, November 13th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, BurlingtonGreen is teaming up with the Burlington Centre to host a Zero Waste Drive-Thru to help the community eliminate clutter from their homes and offices while helping the environment! 

The convenient contact-free event will take place at the Fairview St. facing parking lot at the Burlington Centre where volunteers will gladly accept a variety of items to be properly recycled.

Crew members from the ERA (Electronic Recycling Association) will be on-site to accept computer and cell phone electronics, and a series of Terracycle Zero Waste bins will be located at the drive-thru station to accept more unique waste items not currently accepted in Halton Region’s recycling program. 

Pesky Halloween candy wrappers, Brita water filters, reusable plastic containers and lids and used PPE can be dropped off, along with batteries and ink cartridges.

Details on the full list of what can be dropped off is available below.

NOTE: heavyweight TV’s, microwaves & appliances will not be accepted

Bonus: a FREE eco-gift will be provided to the first 50 Zero Waste Drive-Thru arrivals! 

Accepted Electronics

  • Consumer Electronics (Gaming Consoles, iPods etc)
  • Computers ( PC & Mac, monitors. parts, motherboards)
  • Handheld devices(Smartphones, cell phones, tablets etc)
  • Phone Systems, Racks & Miscellaneous (Server racks, lab equipment, disc arrays etc)
  • Printers (Inkjet & Laserjet, plotters, copiers,scanners, fax machines etc)
  • Pheripherals (keyboards, mice,CD/DVD roms,cards, accessories etc)
  • Servers(Rack ount, stand alone, all brands etc)
  • Software ( operating system,editing, design etc)
  • Specialty Items(Cisco networking, switches, routers etc)

    And more!
  • TVs (not heavy weight)
  • microwaves
  • coffee makers or other small home appliances
  • personal appliances ex: electric toothbrushes or razors
  • NOTE: heavy weight TV’s, microwaves & appliances will not be accepted


  • Beard nets
  • Disposable (latex, nitrile, and vinyl) gloves
  • Ear plugs
  • Non-woven disposable garments
  • Non-woven disposable masks
  • Non-woven hair nets
  • Safety glasses and googles

NOT accepted: medical waste and coated gloves or biodegradable PLA gloves.

Snack Wrappers

Any brand and size of flexible plastic-based candy and snack packaging and wrappers. This includes items such as: 

  • Candy wrappers
  • Cookie wrappers
  • Family size snack bags
  • Multi-pack snack bags
  • Snack bags

NOT accepted: paper-based wrappers, sticks, blister packs, and food waste or cardboard master cartons (which are typically recyclable at curbside)

Containers, Filters & Cards

  • Brita water filters
  • Plastic cards: any wallet-sized flexible plastic materials and cards typically intended for identification or facilitating commercial transactions. This includes IDs, licenses, credit cards, business cards, gift cards, key cards. Note: Please cut up all cards containing sensitive information before dropping off.
  • Storage containers: empty, non-recyclable plastic containers like takeout containers or reusable plastic storage totes.


  • Non-rechargeable, spent alkaline batteries used in portable electronic devices. Please tape the ends of the batteries to prevent current transfer.
  • Do not drop off rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, or any battery used to power a device not classified as a portable electronic device.

Ink Cartridges

  • Any brand and size of ink and toner cartridge from personal or commercial printers.

Together we make a difference!