Tree Photo Contest: Vote For Your Top Pick!

October 26, 2021
End Date: November 14, 2021

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to the 2021 Tree Photo Contest. We are inspired by the beautiful photos, stories, and poems that were shared.

Now it’s time to share these incredible photos with the community – it’s your turn to vote for your top pick!

The lucky winner with the most votes will receive a $50 gift card to Connon Nurseries. A big thank you to Connon Nurseries for supporting this years prize!

Take a moment to review the submissions below, then CLICK HERE to cast your vote.

1 vote per person please.

Voting ends November 15, 2021.

By Wendy Taylor

Trees in Winter

(Taken at Paletta Park, Burlington)

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By Rosemary Komori

Juniper Tree Berries

(Taken at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington)

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By Natasa Inward

Stay Rooted

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By Natalie D’addario

This is a beautiful raised tree that I found while hiking in Liverpool, Nova Scotia last month. The greenery and moss are my favourite parts of this photo.

(Taken in Liverpool, Nova Scotia)

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By Lucy Lin

I like to sit on the bench and listen to those trees by the lake. They are just like some good friends with warm hearts to be company for a quiet time.

(Taken in Spencer Smith Park, Burlington).

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By Katie Miller

I walked all over my city snapping photos of trees to submit into the photo contest, in the end I chose this one, located in Gage Park Hamilton, because it was so beautiful I even stopped in the pouring rain to admire it, I hope you enjoy its beauty as much as I do.

(Taken in Gage Park, Hamilton)

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By Jenna Bye

Hanging from the big root tree

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By Janvi Patel

I see a great tree standing before me.
An old sugar maple tree.
It’s an impeccable sight.
Standing all these years with might.
A heavy wind rages at the ancient branches.
But the bark and leaves are untouched.
It’s truly a great tree, standing for centuries.

(Taken in Pelham, Ontario)

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By Hugo Bugg

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By Haidi Wu

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By Dave Tourchin

Your grand canopy once gave us oxygen and shade,
You sequestered carbon from our emissions manmade.
You grew berries and seeds for our forest dwellers,
You gave fruit and nuts to stock in our cellars.
But now that you’ve passed, you continue to give.
Your remains still stand, so that others may live.
Bluebirds, Wood Ducks, and Great Crested Flycatchers,
Owls and Chickadees, Tree Swallows and Woodpeckers.
All sorts of fauna and fungi as well,
Can feed from your trunk or find shelter to dwell.
I wish all would give pause to cutting you down…
Beholding your majesty, though you’ve lost your crown.
One should think twice before grabbing the saw.
I’m glad you’re included in Burlington’s Tree By-law.

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