Únase a la próxima reunión de la Red de Jóvenes de BG

marzo 7, 2022
Hora de inicio: 4 : 30 PM
End Time: 5 : 30 PM

Get involved with the Red de Jóvenes BG for ages 14-24, to learn about eco-issues, campaigns, plan educational & empowering activities for the community, discuss the latest eco-news, and connect with like-minded people!

March 7th Guest Speaker:

Disfruta el Red de Jóvenes BurlingtonGreen on Monday, March 7th at 4:30pm as we welcome another incredible Special Guest Speaker, BG Program Coordinator, Kelly Spanik.

Kelly completed her degree in Anthropology and Sociology, where she learned the important relationship people have with land – healthy environments make for healthy communities and healthy people!

Kelly’s lifelong enthusiasm for outdoor adventure and travel is colouring her presentation as she will be focusing on the subject of Eco-friendly Travel. Kelly is also a trained yoga teacher, meditation instructor and Reiki practitioner, and has a passion for holistic and natural health. Kelly knows that going green can be an intimidating concept, and she enjoys sharing how small and simple changes can make a huge impact!

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