Dwayne Taylor


Dwayne Taylor

Director- on temporary leave

Dwayne has always had a passion for protecting his environs. This passion was ignited during his studies in International Relations and was further fuelled after the birth of his daughter who has had a growing interest in reducing pollution. 

Born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica known as the land of wood and water Dwayne has witnessed the effects of global warming on his small island home. He strongly believes we owe it to future generations to protect our planet and do all we can to prevent the harmful effects of global warming. 

After migrating to Canada in 2014, Dwayne actively researched philanthropic avenues to promote sustainable economic practices. An advocate for environmental care Dwayne’s mandate is far from over. His involvement with Burlington Green will help to fulfill his purpose by reducing our carbon footprint, implementing more green spaces and living more sustainably.