Chris Walton


Chris Walton


Christopher was born in Richmond Hill and spent most of his childhood growing up in Brampton and
Milton. Always enjoying working with his hands, he began working for the Toronto Transit Commission
as an Electrician in 2010, and while still there, he also started his own business in 2018 focusing on
General Construction and Project Management. He bought his first house and moved to Burlington at
the age of 22, immediately loving the city and area and has lived here ever since.

In July 2018, Christopher met his now fiancé, Andrea, also from Burlington. They both love to hike and
explore all the great natural landscapes Ontario has to offer. However, seeing the quick population
expansion and development of Burlington and the surrounding areas, Chris is more steadfast than ever
in his environmental principles, to protect the natural areas surrounding Burlington.

Through his work in construction, Chris found a new passion in recent years, and is a big promoter of
sustainable construction. Given his electrical background, he also is an avid tech junkie, always pushing
for the further adoption of electric vehicles, solar and wind energy production, and other
environmentally supportive technological advancements. With BurlingtonGreen, he works
to bring about some of these advancements and adoptions to help support an environmentally sustainable future.