Our Mission

Together with the community, protect the environment, mitigate climate change and create a healthier, more environmentally responsible city.

Our Vision:

Our vision is that everyone in Burlington recognizes that we are all connected to, and dependent on the environment and acts on this understanding to ensure a quality of life and a sustainable future.

Our Values:

Respect for Nature — We are a part of nature and must live in harmony with it.
Leadership — We provide positive, effective, and educational leadership.
Integrity — We operate with transparency, accountability, professionalism and with a solution focus.
Steadfastness — We stand by our convictions and strive for our goals.
Inclusiveness — We welcome those who share the vision and values of our organization.

Our Goals & Strategies:

We employ the vehicles of advocacy, action, and awareness in the following ways to achieve our goals and support our mission:

Establish environmental rights and justice

  • Inform the community of environmental issues and engage their support in advocating for laws, policies, and necessary funding at all levels of government; 
  • Employ the three pillars of sustainability (people, planet, and profit) in a solution-focused framework for our advocacy research and recommendations.

Create liveable communities

  • Advocate for the protection of parkland, green space, and the Niagara Escarpment as a valuable source for connecting people to nature; 
  • Advocate for and promote transit-oriented development and pedestrian and cycle-friendly transportation options;
  • Provide solution focused input to the city’s key planning documents and master plans with a three pillar and integrated approach;
  • Establish community pilot projects and programs based on green innovation design and principles to inspire citywide buy-in (i.e. community gardens, renewable energy projects).

Engage and empower the community

  • Host and deliver inspiring, educational eco-focused events and programs for all sector audiences;
  • Provide rewarding volunteer opportunities for participation by all sectors;
  • Provide a citywide eco-network for youth.

Protect our climate

  • Help citizens and local sectors lower their ecological footprint via awareness of energy conservation and clean energy solutions through practical, effective, results oriented programs and take action initiatives; 
  • Advocate for and collaborate with municipal staff and community stakeholders to effectively advance the objectives of the community energy plan.

Protect nature’s biodiversity

  • Advocate for the rights and protection of nature’s biodiversity; 
  • Host, support, and participate in local habitat restoration projects; 
  • Host educational events and deliver programs highlighting the importance of biodiversity.

Create a cleaner city

  • Advocate for zero waste policies and strategies supportive of a cradle-to-cradle philosophy;
  • Host, support, and participate in community and citywide clean-up activities and events;
  • Host educational events and deliver programs highlighting the importance of (and opportunities for) reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery.

Strengthen our capacity & impact

  • Leverage our physical, financial, and human resources to provide maximum benefit to the advancement of our mission;
  • Ensure current and new initiatives, and team decision making remain focused on (and advance) our mission;
  • Create and advance effective fundraising plans and operate with sound financial planning; 
  • Grow our human resource (staff and volunteer) capacity with strategic and effective recruitment, planning, management, and recognition practices.

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