Canadian Registered Charity (855745220RR001).


Our Mission

Together with the community, protect the environment, mitigate climate change and create a healthier, more environmentally responsible city.

Our Vision:

Everyone in Burlington recognizes that we are all connected to, and dependent on the environment, and acts on this understanding to ensure a good quality of life and a sustainable future.

Our Values:

Respect for Nature — We are a part of nature and must live in harmony with it.
Leadership — We provide positive, effective, and educational environmental leadership.
Integrity — We operate with transparency, accountability, professionalism and a solution focus.
Steadfastness — We stand by our convictions and persistently strive for our goals.
Inclusiveness — We welcome those who share the vision and values of our organization.

Our Goals & Strategies:

We employ the vehicles of advocacy, action, and awareness to advance our mission and goals and in January 2018, we published a new Strategic Plan to direct our impactful work to 2023. The plan emphasizes community participation and empowerment to support our overarching aim to create a much stronger 'culture' of environmental stewardship among residents and all sectors in Burlington.

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