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Current Volunteer Opportunities...

Join our NEW citizen's Committee & help shape the future of Burlington

The City of Burlington is reviewing and updating it's Official Plan which is a critical guiding document or "blueprint" shaping the future of our City.  We want to make sure the health of the environment is fully integrated into the plan - our collective future depends on it.

Providing recommendations for the OP is one of the most important efforts we can contribute to ensure Burlington becomes a leader with environmentally sustainable policies and liveable, vibrant green communitites.

We are establishing a citizen's Commmittee RIGHT NOW to get involved in this process.  Volunteer team members may attend some meetings, do some research and prepare input to be forwarded to the City. You can focus on your area of interest: Energy. Water. Transportation & Air Quality. Green Public Spaces. Walkability and Sustainable Development. Urban Trees. Local Food Security. You Name It!

It's Your City. Get Engaged. Make it Better. To learn more about how you can participate, please contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Nominations are now being accepted for BurlingtonGreen's Board of Directors!



Learn more about this great opportunity here





BurlingtonGreen Local Food and Urban Agriculture  

There are several exciting opportunities to get involved with the Go Local Food Network and Central Park Community Garden project. Discover them here.




 Biodiversity Committee
As a member of the Biodiversity Committee, you'll have a variety of options to participate in fun and rewarding habitat restoration activities. In addition to restoration activities like invasive species removal and native species planting, there are some fun opportunities for outreach and education too!  Contact us
if you'd like to sign up for our Biodiversity Committee!



BurlingtonGreen Eco-teams....


While all environmental topics are interrelated, to support a co-ordinated approach for our many Awareness, Advocacy & Action activities, BurlingtonGreen supports a number of "Eco-teams" that focus on specific topics and campaigns.  We are currently looking for volunteers to support each of our teams. Each Eco-team meets once a month to review  community inquiries, government policy & planning, outreach and event support pertaining to the team's subject area.

Experience/knowledge in the subject areas is an asset but not a requirement. A strong interest in working collaboratively to achieve common objectives to help the planet locally IS a requirement.

Please contact us today and let us know which of the following teams you would like to learn more about. You can volunteer on more than one eco-team if you like as well!

  • Zero-waste eco-team
  • Water protection and conservation eco-team
  • Air & Transportation eco-team
  • Renewable Energy eco-team
  • Land Use Planning eco-team (greenspace protection, development issues, biodiversity,local food security)

 * Fundraising team: to support and sustain all of the important efforts of BurlingtonGreen, a dedicated team is currently being established and WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you or someone you know has some experience in helping to raise funds and/or sales, we want to hear from you! Being a part of this team effort is an important and rewarding, networking opportunity.

Contact us today. 



Events team

BurlingtonGreen hosts a number of important events each year to support our mandate to heighten environmental awareness at the community level.  Doing so will encourage a stronger committment to protect the health of the environment.

Our events are fun, engaging and each includes an ACTION component where attendees are encouraged to direct their learning into positive action efforts in the community.

Members of our events team help with one or more of the following areas to achieve event success: event promotion, sponsorship, registration, communications, set-up, clean-up & event greening.

Our annual events include:

  • Eco-film festival (5 events per year)
  • Youth Environmental Conference
  • 2012 Eco-Awards Celebration
  • Annual AGM (annual general meeting)
  • April Community Clean-up Green-up (see above)
  • May 22 International Biodiversity Day

 Contact us here to get involved!



More volunteer opportunities to support BurlingtonGreen...... 




Website Support:

  • time committment - regular
  • great opportunity to support BurlingtonGreen from your home computer!
  • experience with website software (i.e.Joomla Content Management System) see: http://www.joomla.org/about-joomla.html
  • assist webmaster with regular email updates, event postings, enhancements, ongoing site maintenance needs

Membership/Public Relations:

  • time committment- periodic or regular
  • "staff" BG booth at various Halton events
  • assist with the membership drive program (membership outreach, program improvements etc)

Communications/Media Relations assistance:

  • time committment - periodic or regular
  • writing & editing of press releases, articles, newsletters
  • public speaking engagements (optional)

Your gift of time, energy and ability is welcomed and appreciated at BurlingtonGreen. Contact us today.

Together we CAN make a difference. 




#1 Vince Fiorito 2012-03-20 00:47
ATTENTION every volunteer who backs onto a ravine in Burlington!

I am organizing a garbage collection drive along Sheldon Creek. I hope to clean the ravine from Lake Ontario to Sherwood forest or further if possible.

Also, I challenge the good people who back on other ravines in Burlington. The Sheldon Creek garbage collection drive will remove more garbage than your garbage collection drive.

Please contact me if you wish to participate in this competition.

I need volunteers to help organize as well as collect garbage. I would also appreciate knowing access points to Sheldon Creek.

Please contact me:
Vince Fiorito
vince_fiorito AT yahoo.ca

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